Getting around the Amalfi Coast

The region of Campania on the south-west coast of Italy is home to one of the world's most famous and most beautiful coastlines - the Amalfi Coast. This spectacular area draws hundreds of thousands of visitors each year to enjoy the mildness of the climate, the exotic vegetation of palms, lemon and orange trees and the remarkable sandstone cliffs which plunge dramatically into the turquoise Mediterranean sea

Following the hair-raising coast road on the Amalfi peninsula you will encounter a sea-bound landscape of fragrant citrus orchards and flowering bougainvillea. Take your time, explore, and look closely - the plunging coastline hides tiny fishing villages hugging hidden coves. One of the "must sees" is the Gardens at Ravello. Also, take sometime to visit the gorgeous Duomo di Sant'Andrea in Amalfi. If you go in high season, there's a good chance you'll see a wedding taking place.

A holiday on the Amalfi Coast is also a great opportunity to visit the other attractions in the region, the vast majority of which are located around the Bay of Naples and on the coast of Sorrento. The island of Capri, the great archeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum, the ancient city of Paestum with its greek temples: a choice of destinations for an unforgettable day trip from the Amalfi Coast, all easy to reach by car, bus, train or boat.


A voyage from one enchanting land to another, from the Amalfi Coast to the Island of Capri, to live the legend. From the Amalfi Coast, the Island of Capri is just a 30 to 40 minute boat ride away. In the summer months, hydrofoils operate direct from Positano and Amalfi whilst, in the winter, you will need to catch a boat from Sorrento. 

Private boat transfers including a tour around the island are readily available and if you want to spend an evening in Capri this is the best option (public sea connections between the island and the mainland do not run after 8pm). 


The Land of Sirens which enchanted Homer and became a favorite destination on the Grand Tour: a town which to this very day continues to seduce all those who come here. Whilst in Positano, it is well worth traveling a few kilometers up the coast to visit the historic seaside town of Sorrento

Not to be missed, a visit to the Museo della Tarsia Lignea and the Museo Correale.
The picturesque historic center, brimming with craft shops and artists' studios is the perfect place in which to pick up a few souvenirs, often at a much lower price than anywhere on the Amalfi Coast. Sorrento is approximately a twenty-minute bus or car journey from Positano.

Pompeii and Herculaneum

A journey back in time to the Ancient Roman cities buried beneath meters of burning ash during the eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79A.D. The archeological sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum are located approximately an hour away from the Amalfi Coast. To get to either, you will need to head to Sorrento and from here take a train on the Circumvesuviana line to Naples

Pompeii: After 30 minutes you will reach the Pompei Villa dei Misteri station. The entrance to the site of Pompeii is directly opposite the station. 

Herculaneum: is a 40 minute train ride from Sorrento. You should get off at the Ercolano Scavi station. From here, follow the signs to the site.


A trip to Cilento and the ancient city of Paestum, to see the Greek temples and taste some of the finest mozzarella in the whole of Campania! To the south of the Amalfi Coast, the ancient city of Paestum was founded by the Greeks and, in the 19th century, was to become another obligatory port of call on the Grand Tour. Paestum is home to three Greek temples, dedicated to Hera, Neptune and Athena

On the way to Paestum, it is well worth stopping off in the Piana del Sele, where some of the Campania region's finest dairies are located, to purchase what is likely to be the best Mozzarella you will ever eat (the Vannulo and Rivabianca dairies are the most famous). 

There are no direct buses from the Amalfi Coast to Paestum and the best way to reach the town is to rent a car or book a private transfer. If you choose to get to the archeological site using public transport, you will need to travel to Salerno and from here catch a train to Paestum.

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